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One Life Aid Foundation (OLAF) is a non- profit, non-political and non-religious organisation incorporated with the belief that all children, women and youths in the world, no matter where they are, their religion, or nativity should have rights to good education, health care and other humanitarian rights that make their living as comfortable as it can be. We believe education is power and can empower people to grow into positive generational influences thereby eradicating poverty and other vices that plague communities.

One life Aid Foundation (OLAF) is registered under the Department of Social Welfare, Government of Ghana, and is headquartered in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Koforidua.

One Life Aid Foundation literally means giving assistance, one life at a time to people all over the world. This inspiration to help people one at a time is what brought about the name of the NGO.

Thousands of children, women and youths around the globe are faced with many harsh realities that undermine their growth and ability to learn and become useful in the communities they live in. Child trafficking, child labour, violence, loss of family, war, abuse and illiteracy are some of the plagues that affect them in their daily lives.

OLAF works locally and globally to promote Education, health and to collaborate with other organizations in initiatives that help further the development of children, women and the youth. Our slogan, “For our growing generation, a better world” is what drives our mission to contribute to the development of children, women and youth through the provision of education to children who are the future generational leaders. This initiative is to help children work on their own dreams to create better chances for themselves and be positive images in the world.

Our logo consists of:

  • The GLOBE with images of children and youth watermarked in it, which signifies the world and all children and youth all over the world.
  • A BABY at the top of the globe which signifies that children are at the core of our operations aside youth and women.
  • The GOLD LINING around the globe signifies wealth in a world where poverty has been eradicated through education and good health.
  • The CORN around the globe represents abundance of food and good health for everyone.

Our colors are made up of:

  • BLUE which represents all males in our societies.
  • PINK representing all females in our societies.
  • WHITE which means the innocence and purity of children.

Our theme:

For our growing generations, a better world.

Our mission statement: 

Our mission is to inspire opportunities of education and health for women, children and youths in Africa through

    • Transformational leadership and development in communities
    • Partnership with individuals and organizations for sponsorships and societal change, including civic education in areas that ensure stability in the nation.
    • Provision of educational facilities and materials including payment of fees for needy children, youth, orphans and children with disability
    • Provision of health aids and access to free medical screening for rural women, children and youth.
    • Organizing workshops, awareness causes, conferences, and self-development for women, children, youth and communities in the area of family planning and other relevant topics.
    • Establishment of a facility that supports the physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing of women, children and youth by providing guidance and counselling.
    • Creation of peer groups in schools and societies to share ideas and potential problems that affect children and youth education especially the girl child.
    • Provision of sponsorships for street children in the development of life skills thereby reducing child labor.
    • Collaborations with potential NGOs, donor agencies, individuals and other institutions, in order to mobilize resources to address the interests of children and youths.

Our vision:

Our vision is to see a world where,

  • Every child and youth has opportunity to education
  • Every woman, child and youth can develop a life skill and be assured of a poverty free future
  • Every woman, child and youth have access to good health care
  • Family planning education is understood and accepted by communities.
  • Every child and youth has self confidence in a society free of need
  • Remote rural areas have educational facilities like libraries and learning materials.
  • Children and youths everywhere have technological empowerment
  • Where everyone everywhere supports the growth and development of women, children and youths.

Our Values:

  • ZERO DISCRIMINATION: OLAF, we do not discriminate against children, youths and individuals based on race, colour, sex, gender, political affiliations, disability and religion. We believe in equal treatment for all.
  • TEAM WORK: Teamwork is a crucial business value for One life Aid Foundation. We work collaboratively with partners in order to maximise our productivity and achieve our goals.
  • INTEGRITY: We are committed to being honest with strong moral principles and values that govern our work as an NGO. We uphold integrity with our partners and donor agencies.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We are committed to account for all activities of the organisation in relation to our mission and vision. We accept the responsibility to be transparent in accounting for any property, materials, money or resources given to the organisation to help children.

Our 5 P’s

For every child we say:

  • You are worth the PRICE
  • We PROTECT your future
  • We PROMOTE your voice
  • Your achievement is our PRIZE
  • We are your PARTNER for change

People About Us


Their performance in the most dangerous cases was extremely successful. As a result of this collaboration, rescue missions did happen. Thanks a lot to you and your awesome team!

Ceasar Horton
Ceasar HortonNew York, NY

You do a wonderful job with those kids that need us and people from various places all over the world. I will definitely join your group as a volunteer.

Tyler Parks
Tyler ParksChicago, IL

It's always a pleasure to work with these guys: they know what they want, and they definitely achieve their goals. Thanks for the team work!

Mila Larson
Mila LarsonCleveland, OH
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