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Children are the future leaders who grow up to impact the world but it almost seems most of them do not know the way around life. This is because parents to these kids or children fail to guide them in this regard. To an extent, even their teachers fail to do this
guidance and they rather limit themselves to what they teach in the classroom. In other words, they just focus on how to make these kids pass their examinations and it ends there. Helping them to identify and unleash their talents with purpose to make impact is not considered, hence the visit of One Life Aid Foundation (OLAF).

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In a remote suburb in the eastern region of Ghana- Osabene lives the parent of Ali Abdulai. He was born healthy within the first three months until the parents realized he had a problem. He could not speak, walk, raise the head and eat any food apart from breastfeeding. He always has saliva dripping from the mouth and because of this no one allowed the mother to work for them.

The parents were told his ailment is spiritual, hence for the past four years he was sent to various places for spiritual solution but to no avail.

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Please help us in any way possible to raise funds in order to be to help the needy in our society. We welcome all ideas and contributions of any form to assist in achieving our objective and become a blessing to our generation.

Thousands of children, women and youths around the globe are faced with many harsh realities that undermine their growth and ability to learn and become useful in the communities they live in. Child trafficking, child labour, violence, loss of family, war, abuse and illiteracy are some of the plagues that affect them in their daily lives.

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In this tough economy, funding for educational materials is growing increasingly scarce especially in developing countries. Many children from poor homes stay out of the class room just because they could not get educational materials. We want to encourage quality education as referred in the UN Global Goal 4.

Interactions with teachers showed that most schools lack libraries, teaching materials such note books, text books, chalks and even black boards.
In view of the above we are launching out with our Back to School Project in 2017 to raise funds for supplies for three schools in three villages.

Peace Walk

We engaged these people in the walk following the pre-election riots in the Asokore suburb in Koforidua. We know and understand the implications of breaching the peace in our nation. In that, it affects economic growth, good health, productivity as nation and puts the nation in a retrogressive state. This is because, in our part of the world especially, peace is not really looked at as a policy so during elections, politicians in one way or the other voice out so many statements that temper with the peace we enjoy as nations in their thirst for power. This puts the nation and its citizens in a very uncomfortable state, and in the long run resulting in riots and violence destroying the nation which women, children and the aged suffer the most because they do not have the strength to fight.

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You can help us achieve our goals by donating, volunteering, attending events or simply sharing information on social media. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date about initiatives and events to attend or volunteer.

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