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(+233) 34 202 2464 / 24 731 0777

Adweso, Koforidua – E/R, Ghana.


(+233) 34 202 2464 / 24 731 0777

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Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM

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The elderly or the aged received bags of water and rice, groceries and foodstuffs as donations. This was to support their livelihood, to show them love and give them the hope that even in their old age, we still appreciate and care for them.
Ref: UN Global Goal 1.

Raise a baby

In a remote suburb in the eastern region of Ghana- Osabene lives the parent of Ali Abdulai. He was born healthy within the first three months until the parents realized he had a problem.

Help a couple find a child

Some families in the rural areas do not have funds to ensure proper treatment for themselves and their wards. Children with infected wounds from sharp objects and farming tools are ignored and given no Tetanus injection to prevent infections. Ref: UN Global Goal 3

Share your experience

We also paid for the children to go for injections and wound dressing at the nearest community health center. Later, we donated some drugs to the Sikoko school. These drugs included a box of multivitamins, antibiotics, dewormers and pain killers.

The Osabene Islamic, Oyoko Roman Catholic, Sikoko and the Ntronang schools with a total student population of about 1000 in the Eastern Region of Ghana welcomed our visit. This visit was to counsel and inspire the students to become generational leaders who will influence their generation positively and become great impacts in future. Ref: UN Global Goal 2

Children are the future leaders who grow up to impact the world but it almost seems most of them do not know the way around life. This is because parents to these kids or children fail to guide them in this regard. To an extent, even their teachers fail to do this guidance and they rather limit themselves to what they teach in the classroom. In other words, they just focus on how to make these kids pass their examinations and it ends there. Helping them to identify and unleash their talents with purpose to make impact is not considered, hence the visit of One Life Aid Foundation (OLAF).

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