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(+233) 34 202 2464 / 24 731 0777

Adweso, Koforidua – E/R, Ghana.


(+233) 34 202 2464 / 24 731 0777

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Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM

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Over thousands of kids are brought into this world without a glimpse of their parents and are sent to place where these category of people are taken care of, thus the orphanage. Conditions at some of these orphanages make life uncomfortable for these orphans and expose them to the harsh realities of life.

This is your chance

Due to the cost involved in keeping such homes, sometimes food to eat, clothes to wear, access to quality education or vocation and healthcare becomes very difficult for these orphans. This ensues in affecting almost every area of their lives, such as physical, emotional, moral and psychological.

To change the situation

Most of these children do not feel loved as some are sometimes raped or abused which in a long run affects their self-images.

We are with you

In view of this, it has become one of our main programs to see smiles on the faces of these orphans, make them feel loved and giving them meaning to life, making them feel they are part of the world and they can influence the world and everywhere they find themselves.

The Shelter-Arc Foundation is an orphanage at Tafo in Koforidua in the Eastern region of Ghana where orphans of about 20 are being taken care of. And in our quest to put smiles on the faces of the orphans and make them feel loved, the Shelter-arc Foundation became our first choice. Ref: UN Global Goal 1 & 2

This being our very first time venturing into this, money was taken from the organization’s (OLAF’S) coffers and items such as clothing, toiletries and groceries were purchased and taken to them to support them. One Life Aid Foundation (OLAF) in the near future seeks to establish Orphanage homes and intensify our quest for giving these orphans meaning to life.

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