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(+233) 34 202 2464 / 24 731 0777

Adweso, Koforidua – E/R, Ghana.


(+233) 34 202 2464 / 24 731 0777

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Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM

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Over thousands of kids are brought into this world without a glimpse of their parents and are sent to place where these category of people are taken care of, thus the orphanage. Conditions at some of these orphanages make life uncomfortable for these orphans and expose them to the harsh realities of life.

Make the world a better place

This is to support the needy and to show them love in our own small way and let them know we still respect and cherish them even in their old age which is rarely seen in this part of our world.

Kids deserve a future

Children are the future leaders who grow up to impact the world but it almost seems most of them do not know the way around life. Helping them to identify and unleash their talents with purpose to make impact is not considered, hence the visit of One Life Aid Foundation (OLAF).

Save by sharing

We had fun with the kids and refreshed them with food and snacks to make them happy and feel loved to boost their self-image or confidence. All these were done with funds from One Life Aid Foundation’s coffers.

Sadly, when a child falls sick, he is taken home and given herbal concoction, in most instances many of them do not make it. It therefore became a dream for OLAF to help in any way to ensure that these children stay in school and their parents also get the necessary help in order to contribute to the growth of our nation.

The Ntronang and Sikoko schools had peculiar issues that needs the help of NGO. The villages are situated almost close the peak of the Oboutabiri mountain hence vehicles hardly go there. Since it’s a farming area most of their harvest get rotten because they are not able to transfer them to the market to sell. This is a big issue as parents do not have money, and when school reopens about 50 percent of the pupils do not show up since their parents cannot afford educational materials for them.

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